Merupuri is a fairytale shoujo series created by Hino Matsuri. It was serialized in the monthly Lala magazine from 2002-04, with 22 chapters divided into 4 volumes.

The story begins with a mysterious man putting a magical spell on a boy. The little boy, Aram, manages to escape through a portal and ends up in Airi's world. Airi finds him, and thinking he is lost, takes him home with her. Although he acts strange, she finds him adorable, and they fall asleep in each other's arms.

But the next morning, Airi is shocked to find herself in the arms of a grown man, who is actually Aram in his older form! And the only way to break the curse and return him to normal is to receive the legendary maiden's kiss. And Aram chooses Airi to be the one!